Taste and See: All for us, us for all

Living Eucharist

St Mary's Twickenham

The Prayer after Communion on Sunday, the 15th Sunday of the Year said it all.

Having consumed these gifts, we pray, O Lord,
that, by our participation in this mystery,
its saving effects upon us may grow.
Through Christ our Lord.

We had been fed by the word of God, and by the Eucharistic food and drink. These had been the means by which, once more we shared in the Sacrifice, the love of God made visible in Jesus – a love which is the life of God, and which is poured out for us, and for all.

The prayer succinctly, and in a rather matter of fact way, acknowledges that. But then it asks that the seed planted in us might grow, that the nourishing that God gives and God is will not be in vain for us, but lead us to deeper life, fuller service.

  • How will you live today?

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