Looking for some summer reading?

St Nicholas, Boldmere

There are three recent letters from Pope Francis that speak of matters that are important for the Church and our parish over the coming months and years.

do908 laudato siThe most recent is Laudato Si’, the Encyclical on care for our world and our human family. Deeply rooted in our Judeao-Christian tradition Pope Francis calls the Church and the world to love and care.

The second is Evangelii Gaudium, which has set the scene for Proclaim ’15, the process to promote the new evanglisation in England and Wales and which gets its national launch in Birmingham – at the New ‘Rep and the Library – on July 11th. Pope Francis reminds us what the Church is for, and even more importantly reminds of why and how the Gospel is good news and joy.

The third is by far the shorter of the three but the one we perhaps need most…

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