Speak Lord: who alone are God

Living Eucharist

Gower Peninsula

On Sunday, the 12th Sunday of the year, the First reading
comes from the book of Job.

From the heart of the tempest the Lord gave Job his answer. He said:

Who pent up the sea behind closed doors
when it leapt tumultuous out of the womb,
when I wrapped it in a robe of mist
and made black clouds its swaddling bands;
when I marked the bounds it was not to cross
and made it fast with a bolted gate?
Come thus far, I said, and no farther:
here your proud waves shall break.

Job 38:1,8-11

Humankind has so often come to see itself as Master over creation, Master over itself, ourselves.

Something more humble, more caring, and more respectful of our nature, our privileged nature as creature, but called to share in a unique way in the love and care of God.

As we wait for Pope Francis’ encyclical, 

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